August 2014

Best Tea in the World

"I am in love with this amazing green tea, always buy it before boxes finish. I recommend to try it ..."

05th August 2014

Pleasant Tea experience

"The best of the best tea. Totally hooked to it.


10th August 2014

Thank you!

"Dear Mr. Fernando and others,

Thank you for producing absolutely delicious tea while doing all you can to care for and help others! I am immensely grateful and wish you all great financial success, sturdy good health, and all around happiness--from the very depths of my heart--I will do all I can to order your tea and to tell others of it's fine quality and your excellent motivation. Your kindness squeezes my heart to overflow and thus write you this note--


31st August 2014

Thank you!

"We have just returned from a wonderful 17,000k holiday in Australia through some very remote areas, places that were breathtaking and others that just did our souls good. Thank you for being with us (Earl Grey of course ) and providing that little luxury so we could truly say, "this is the life"!

N and G W


N and G W - Australia
18th August 2014

Consumer satisfaction of your teas

"I am writing to you now to convey to you how much I am enjoy your teas they are the most refreshing tea I have had in a lifetime and I will continue to buy your teas for a long time to come. Here in Australia Brisbane Queensland I had some samples of your tea which I am enjoying which I got in a showbag from the 2014 Brisbane ekka when I was there recent. It has been a pleasure to write to you now.
Yours faithfully


J.B - Australia
17th August 2014

Your Tea and Story

"Good evening,

As i type i am enjoying your beautiful Dilma Orange Pekoe tea for the first time . I am a potter as is my wife, we pride ourselves on our work including our tea cups and tea pots. Our philosophy is based on quality and workmanship. I was at my butchers and on the shelf was your tea so i read the pack and gave it a try. I am enjoying my first cup of your tea in a cup we made and they are made for each other! It is so nice to find a real product of quality made by people who care. I am glad i can support you and your workers with a simple purchase ,the world can be a simpler happier place.
Thank you for all your hard work and integrity. You have made a new friend and customer. I will watch for your other teas.


03rd August 2014
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Founder's Message

Merill J. Fernando

Dilmah is a collection of teas that is the result of a lifetime devoted to tea. Tea is a noble herb that demands expertise. I have dedicated 60 years to perfecting that art. Each of the teas we offer in our Real Tea Boutique provides a different experience; all offer the finest in quality.


Merill J. Fernando

Merill J. Fernando
Founder of Dilmah Tea

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