July 2014

Best Tea in the World

"I just wish to say thank you for making such great tea over the past few decades. I also very much appreciate that you treat your workers well.
I know the world of business is exceedingly tough but I hope that you continue to maintain the top quality of your 'original' tea and that you are not forced into making tea of less quality just to make sales to the big grocery corporations. I see that your prices are very competetive now and that you are also selling more styles of tea....English Breakfast etc etc. Do keep your main line as the original one though.
I doubt I will ever visit Sri Lanka but if I do I will surely visit your plantations, as I believe you are open to tourists."

T.D.M (Vietnam)
28th July 2014

Dimbula English Breakfast Tea

"Dear Mr Fernando,

I find myself writing to you again to congratulate you and your family on the new and beautiful range of estate teas, particularly the Dimbula plantation!

Ever since finding your teas some years ago now, my family and I have purchased nothing else believing your products the best. I have convinced many of my tea loving friends of the same facts as well and here you are again adding to our enjoyment with another range of excellent products!

I am really enjoying the Dimbula and look forward to the Earl Grey shortly!

Once again, thank you, your teas are simply some of the best in the world!

Warm Regards,



M B-C - Australia
03rd July 2014


"Dear Dilmah,

Oh behalf of all green tea drinking teenagers (might not be a lot of us) we'd like to send a genuine thank you for making your green tea product which we happily enjoy a number of cups of each day.

During our study breaks we have grown in friendship and neutral appreciation of green tea added with half a teaspoon of honey to sweeten our conversation. Another aspect of greatness from your product is the gradual rock hard abs we are developing from the constant laughter we share over our steaming cups.

We have created quite a unique story after collecting our used tea leaves in a kilometric papermate pen packet and after nine weeks we wish we could say the smell didn't knock our socks off. (Wet tea leaves in plastic bags grow mould)

We will continue to enjoy your product to carry us through our HSC exams.

Regards, happy costumers,
T M and H W.


T M and H W - Australia
22nd July 2014
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Founder's Message

Merill J. Fernando

Dilmah is a collection of teas that is the result of a lifetime devoted to tea. Tea is a noble herb that demands expertise. I have dedicated 60 years to perfecting that art. Each of the teas we offer in our Real Tea Boutique provides a different experience; all offer the finest in quality.


Merill J. Fernando

Merill J. Fernando
Founder of Dilmah Tea

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