March 2011

I have recently tried Dilmah Teas after your product was recommended to me by a friend

"Good morning
I have recently tried Dilmah Teas after your product was recommended to me by a friend. I really enjoy drinking Dilmah Teas and in particular the Green Tea. Your product is wonderful and I will continue purchasing and enjoying your teas. I will have no hesitation in recommending the same to my family and friends.
Kind regards"

12th March 2011

Long over-due commendations!

"Dear Mr. Fernando,

This e-mail is over-due by nearly 20 yrs! There is no plausible explanation for the delay except for the age old excuse of 'tomorrow"!
My name is D and I reside in Trinidad in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago. I am originally from India and came here 26 yrs ago to marry my pen-pal. Being Indian and from the East, tea has always played a huge part in my life as you can well understand. Tea-time for us is a ritual that cannot be missed or put off at any cost! Growing up in India, we always had ****** **** *** ***** Tea. That was excellent tea. But since the advent of Dilmah Tea, I have never touched another Brand of Tea let alone drink it! Your tea is absolutely amazing to the palate. Of course, we also use your other Teas, like Green Tea, Rose Hips, Peppermint etc. One of the most impressive facts about your Teas is the quality that you promise and upkeep! Also I am very impressed with your employer employee arrangement where the employee has partnership in the Company.
So Mr. Fernando, I once again would like to congratulate you on an excellent product and hope, that this task you have undertaken, will be carried on by the following generations with the same love and dedication that you provide. Wishing you all the best for the present and future.

Yours Sincerely."

DTA, Trinidad & Tobago
01st March 2011

I would just like to thank you for the most beautiful little elephant

"I would just like to thank you for the most beautiful little elephant that fell out of my packet of Dilmah tea yesterday. I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to receive a handmade ceramic elephant instead of the usual plastic or competition rubbish. I know it sounds stupid but in a way that little elephant made my day....not only was the elephant absolutely delightful it was wonderful to know that people who need it have work and I have to say I love your Earl Gray tea it’s the best out of all the other brands.... thank you very much Gitama"

GD, Australia
08th March 2011

Tea and cake - without the need for cake!

"I rarely feel compelled to write reviews, but what an outstanding tea! Luxurious toffee and invigorating peppermint - the perfect notes for a black afternoon tea. Nostalgic without being sickly sweet, this is the boiled lolly of teas. Superb."

K, Australia
10th March 2011

Thank goodness

"I agree totally with the other comments -Dilmah is simply THE BEST! Thank goodness I finally woke up to the fact that I can order your teas online. I've been getting supplies of the ginger spice tea bags via telephone ordering which had disappeared from the supermarket shelves in our area, next to go was your wonderful green leaf tea and then the Earl Grey. I currently drink around 6 different sorts of tea - change is as good as a rest, they say, and as each and everyone of your products is so good, all the better."

JW, Australia
10th March 2011

Best Chai in the World!!

"The Dilmah Masala Chai, "Fiery Ceylon Spice" is the best product on the market. All the others I have tried, are all "wannabes, and never will “bes" when it comes to Chai. Just love it and can’t get enough of it. Thank you Mr Fernando!"

MC, Australia
08th March 2011
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Founder's Message

Merill J. Fernando

Dilmah is a collection of teas that is the result of a lifetime devoted to tea. Tea is a noble herb that demands expertise. I have dedicated 60 years to perfecting that art. Each of the teas we offer in our Real Tea Boutique provides a different experience; all offer the finest in quality.


Merill J. Fernando

Merill J. Fernando
Founder of Dilmah Tea

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