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I wrote to you some time back in praise of Dilmah teas in general but in particular the Ginger Spice blend and also the Masala Chai Fiery. We can no longer purchase either locally and I order them from interstate but only Masala Chai Fiery is still available.
I was recently told by the staff at the warehouse that shortly even that particular item will no longer be available here in Australia. I would greatly appreciate it if you can confirm that this is in fact the case .It is my all- time favourite blend and I take it every where I travel to the extent I prefer to go without if for some reason I do not have any with me at the time. I even take it with me on plane journeys and have my \" cuppa\"
free of charge as they have no item listed on their computer to charge me!
I can tell you that over the years I have saved many dollars by doing this.It is one of the most soothing beverages I have encountered and I will miss it greatly if you no longer have it available.I am hoping you may be able to confirm that the Ceylon Spicy Chai blend might be the nearest blend available. You very kindly replied to me when I last wrote and said that you and your son had visited the Sunshine Coast in Queensland where I live, so you will know my location I am sure. It is quite near to where they grow our famous ginger. I am very blessed to reside in such a beautiful area. Thankyou for taking the time to read my lengthy email, and I wish you and your family well in your tea enterprise.

01st October 2015

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Founder's Message

Merill J. Fernando

Dilmah is a collection of teas that is the result of a lifetime devoted to tea. Tea is a noble herb that demands expertise. I have dedicated 60 years to perfecting that art. Each of the teas we offer in our Real Tea Boutique provides a different experience; all offer the finest in quality.


Merill J. Fernando

Merill J. Fernando
Founder of Dilmah Tea

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